Xzilon Vehicle Protective Coating Davenport IA

Buying a new Ford vehicle is a sizeable investment and it is important to protect your investment. If you are looking for increased protection from dents, dings, scratches, spills and adverse weather conditions Dahl Ford is bringing you Xzilon vehicle protective coating in Davenport, IA. Xzilon products are purchased and applied by our trained professionals right at the dealership for one stop protection.

When you apply Xzilon products to your new or used vehicle from Dahl Ford you are protecting your vehicle on all levels, exterior and interior.This superior long lasting product was developed for the aviation industry and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure supreme protection from the elements. Xzilon is applicable to all painted sheet metal surfaces, exterior plastic panels, headlights, windshields, alloy wheels and interior surfaces protecting much more than standard protectants.

Not only does Xzilon protect more of your vehicle, it protects for longer. Xzilon products are designed to protect new cars for up to five years and when applied to pre-owned models will protect for three years. Xzilon has been protecting cars since 1930 and will continue with your new vehicle from Dahl Ford.

Tough Sustainable Vehicle Protection From Dahl Ford

After a short period of time, wax protectants will break down and decrease in effectiveness while Xzilon will continue to defend your vehicle. Xzilon bonds with surfaces at a molecular level increasing longevity and allowing you to apply it to almost your entire car.

A sun faded exterior is a thing of the past when you apply a Xzilon coating, which will withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Are you worried about wind damage? Don’t be. Designed for aviation use, Xzilon can withstand wind speeds of up to 400 mph. During those brutal Midwest winters protection from salt corrosion is always a concern, but when you apply Xzilon you are protected by a product intended to hold up against over 1300 hours of continuous salt spray exposure. You can also protect the interior of your new Ford from spills and minor rips and tears no matter what kind of upholstery you have. Xzilon will also keep your vehicle’s interior soft and supple.

If anything should happen to your vehicle Xzilon has a limited product warranty to ensure that your new car is protected. When you have the experts at Dahl Ford apply Xzilon vehicle protective coating in Davenport, IA you are putting up the best defense possible for your new Ford. Not only that, you are protecting your investment and with a pristine, Xzilon-coated car the resale value of your vehicle can only go up.

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