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I went into Dahl Ford having no expectation of buying a vehicle that day, I was just going to look to get a feel for what I wanted. I did however have several criteria in mind on price and options. I originally was looking to test drive a few SUV's and after having done that I really wasn't impressed with any, and Javier I think could sense that nothing was really jumping out at me...I dont know if it was on a whim or what but he mentioned that there was a Chrysler 300 that had just arrived..well, I love Chrysler 300's and pretty much drool over them every time I see one so of course I was interested in driving it, not really thinking that I could afford one; I drove it anyway! Oh, am I glad I did! I got in and felt like I was 'one' with the car, It was AWESOME! Then I drove it, and it too was AWESOME! Javier was very easy to talk to, and I could tell that he really listened to what it was that I wanted as soon as I sat in that beautiful machine:) At one point while test driving it I looked over at Javier and asked him if it felt like we were going 85 mph, (relax, I slowed down) he probably said no, I don't really know because I was enjoying the drive so much I don't know what he said! But it sure didn't feel like we were going that fast! Needless to say, I didn't need to drive any more vehicles! The 300 had my heart! Dahl was able to get me in this vehicle at a payment that was in my budget and I couldn't be happier!Thank you so much Javier for listening and just knowing what vehicle I was destined to drive! I Freaking Love my car! My overall experience at Dahl Ford was GREAT because of all the above mentioned reasons!!