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Bob Chase did a wonderful job in assisting me while shopping for a 2013 Ford Fusion. I had driven this car multiple times as a rental, among many other manufacturer's cars and this was definitely the brand I was set on purchasing. Upon arriving at the dealership and beginning to look at the different packages offered, it took no more than three minutes for Bob to approach me with a hand shake. He didn't go right in to pressuring me to purchase a high level package and was very helpful in explaining the differences between the packages as I told him what I was looking for. He went on a test drive with me and was absolutely personable and easy to talk with. After the test drive, Bob spent some more time with me in fine tuning which level of package to go with which really helped me choose the right vehicle for me. When we sat down at his desk to go over financing I told Bob how much I was willing to pay per month for this vehicle and he made it absolutely seamless. Not only did he work a fair price for my trade in, but got me well under what I was willing to pay per month for the new vehicle. He sat down with me in the car to go over Sync, explaining the capabilities of it, and even came to my home to pick up some extra equipment for the car I traded in; just all around very, very helpful and professional in his work. All in all, this was a great, painless, enjoyable experience. This was the best experience that I've had buying a vehicle yet. Buying a new vehicle can often be stressful, but Bob made it a nice experience. Thank you, Mr. Chase.