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1/19/13JAVIER was wonderful to work with and visit with, he made us feel as though we were family. He was VERY PLEASANT with NO PRESSURE at all !! I have bought many cars in my past but never have I had a sales person offer to help me clean out my trade in and place my items into my new car, JAVIER OFFERED, to me that's over the top. He knew all about the Ford Edge and was always able to answer all our questions.. prior to our purchase he said he would have things done to the vehicle and to my surprise it was done and we were even 4 hours early for our appointment and the car was sitting in the lot all ready for customer delivery.. JAVIER is on top of all things and always seemed to remain calm and on this day he was very busy....our next purchase will be with JAVIER!!!! & Dahl Ford !!!!!!THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH JAVIERYOUR FRIENDS,David Tompkins & Yvonne Fontenoy