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My husband and I needed to purchase two cars fast! We live in Chicago, but have heard such great things about Dahl Ford that we knew we were going to them. We worked with Javier Calleja and K.V. Dahl, over the phone, telling them what we wanted, when we needed it, etc. We got to the dealership and met with Javier (on his day off!) and he had picked out two perfect cars for us! The entire experience with Dahl Ford was fantastic! I love that K.V.-the owner-has his dog Ginny running around, and they let our dog come in and wander around with Ginny while we did the paperwork. The atmosphere in the dealership was so warm, friendly and fun! We actually had a good time buying our cars! I can't say enough good things about Javier, he went above and beyond what we expected to give us the best experience. We were so impressed that we were able to tell Javier, over the phone, what we wanted, and he got everything right-we didn't even look at other cars! He knew everything about the cars, and took the time to explain how everything worked, even giving us his cell phone number if we ever had any questions after leaving the lot. I also have to give a special shout out to the owner-K.V., he checked in on us every so often to make sure we were doing ok, played with our dog and just made us feel like a part of the Dahl family!We spent the next few days telling friends and family about the great experience we had at Dahl! We are now moving to Texas, but will always go back to Iowa to buy our cars from Dahl Ford!