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My husband and I saw in Consumer Reports that the Ford Mustang was rated very high in overall reliability. So we decided to go to a Ford dealership and just sit in one to see if it was comfortable (we are both tall people). So we went to the closest dealership and sat in a mustang in the show room. It seemed okay, but were unsure of the head room since we sat in a convertible. So we went outside to look at the Mustangs outside, when Bob Chase told us about a Mustang they just got in last week on a trade. We took that one for a ride and liked it. First of all, let me tell you we had no intentions of buying a car that day. When we brought it back, we sat down with Bob and asked the questions we needed to ask, then he said "shoot me a price". So my 15 year old gave his thoughts on what price the car should be. Bob took that suggestion to the financial dept. and came back with it being accepted. I looked at my husband and said "I think we just bought a car." I have never experienced such a stress free, painless, and easy way to buy a car. In fact it was so easy, I wasn't even sure we bought it, there had to be a catch somewhere. The catch was I didn't have to wheel and deal, get mad and almost walk out. It was a very enjoyable experience. Mike Ohms was great also (Go Bears). . . Both Mike and Bob stayed late so that we could go home with our almost new Mustang. Thanks guys. I would highly recommend Dahl Ford and Dealer Bob Chase to my family and friends. It was a treat to meet KV and I don't want to forget Ellie.Carla and Glenn Williams

Carla Williams