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I brought my 2017 Fusion in for it's first oil change. Also, one of our tires 'seemed' to be 10# low on tire pressure. April Ricketts had the tire checked out and they could not find a leak. When picking up the car, April was very busy with several customers, so we were talking to Dan Wich about the tire pressure discrepancy and he asked to take a look at the pressure for all 4 tires. It turned out that the other 3 tires had been over-inflated when we had the Nitro-Fill service done when we bought the car. So Dan hooked up our tires to the machine and equalized the pressure on all 4 tires to the proper pressure; thus averting a potentially dangerous situation with improper tire pressure. He also reminded me to check the tire pressure regularly by using the pressure monitor on the left side of our dash.