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Xzilon Protection Coating Location in Davenport, IA


Protect Your Vehicle With Xzilon

Buying a new vehicle is a sizeable investment - there's no doubt about that. Protecting your vehicle from normal wear and tear from driving on any road is a must (especially with the road conditions in Davenport, Iowa). If you are looking for increased protection from dents, dings, scratches, spills and adverse weather conditions Dahl Ford offers a Xzilon vehicle protective coating. Xzilon products are purchased and applied by our trained professionals right at the dealership for one stop protection. It doesn't get much easier than this.


What is Xzilon Protection?

Xzilon’s advanced chemistry is not wax, solvent, or silicone-based and is designed to maximize the protection of your vehicle. The ceramic and graphene add slickness, shine, and elevated heat resistance (up to 700ºF) while the carbon adds additional flexibility to the coating (most ceramic coatings tend to break down along the sharper body-lines of today’s vehicles). Since it covalently bonds to your vehicle’s clear coat, you can be sure that it’s there to last.

Xzilon protection is a form of vehicle care that prevents damage from dings, dents, scratches, insects, rocks, and other forms of common road hazards that can damage your vehicle. When you apply Xzilon products to your new or used vehicle, you are protecting your investment on many different levels. Did you know Xzilon was actually developed for the aviation industry? It has undergone rigorous testing to ensure supreme protection from the elements. Xzilon is applicable to all painted sheet metal surfaces, exterior plastic panels, headlights, windshields, alloy wheels and interior surfaces protecting much more than standard protectants.

Not only does Xzilon protect more of your vehicle, it protects for longer.

Xzilon products are designed to protect new cars for up to five years and when applied to pre-owned models will protect for three years.

Dahl Ford of Davenport

High Quality Exterior Vehicle Protection

After a short period of time, wax protectants will break down and decrease in effectiveness while Xzilon will continue to defend your vehicle. Xzilon bonds with surfaces at a molecular level increasing longevity and allowing you to apply it to almost your entire car.

Xzilon utilizes an innovative carbon ceramic graphene formula that bonds to your vehicle's paint for next-level protection. This coating creates a smooth, glossy, mirror-like surface without using VOCs.

Unlike waxes that break down in daily heat, Xzilon is engineered to withstand temperatures up to 700°F. The advanced graphene technology provides long-lasting flexibility and heat resistance previously only found in solvent-based coatings.

You can count on Xzilon to shield your vehicle with a durable barrier that maintains its flawless shine for years. Ditch traditional waxes and enjoy next-level protection with Xzilon by scheduling an appointment with us today, right here at Dahl Ford.

Interior Protection With Xzilon

Xzilon pioneered antimicrobial technology in automotive coatings over a decade ago. Our innovative Xmicrobe formula replaces traditional solvent-based protectants with long-lasting odor and stain control.

Developed by antimicrobial expert Dr. Curtis White, Xmicrobe leverages over 100 years of industry experience from our leadership team. This proprietary, globally-trusted formula safely inhibits bacteria growth and protects your interior surfaces.

Xmicrobe goes beyond typical cleaners by forming a durable antimicrobial barrier on all touch points. The comprehensive coverage provides unmatched odor and stain protection between cleanings. With Xmicrobe, enjoy peace of mind knowing your vehicle's interior stays fresher and cleaner for longer. Xzilon pairs powerful antimicrobial technology with ease of maintenance for next-level interior protection.